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Best Car Insurance Rates in Florida

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The cost of insuring a car in Florida is one of the highest in the nation, but that doesn’t mean individual consumers’ car insurance premiums need to be high. ValuePenguin conducted a study of auto insurance quotes in the Sunshine State to arm Florida residents with information in their search for the best auto insurance rates in the state.

We discovered that car insurance rates can range widely from company to company, even in the same city. For example, our study found that GEICO and USAA Casualty had some of the best auto insurance rates in the Florida cities we surveyed compared to others such as Infinity Auto or United Automobile Insurance Company. This is why to find the best rates, consumers should shop around. Enter your zip code now to start shopping for great auto insurance rates among top U.S. insurers in your area, or read more by jumping directly to each section in our study.

Best Auto Insurance Rates in Florida

Below is a table that ranks the 24 largest underwriters in the state of Florida from cheapest to most expensive based on premiums they submitted to the Florida Office of Regulation. The insurers and affiliates were surveyed to provide sample rates for three demographic profiles: a family of four, a married senior couple, and a single 25 year old female. Based on this cut of data, the top three companies with the best rates are: Florida Farm Bureau Insurance Company, Southern Owners Insurance Company, and GEICO. On the other hand, the most expensive companies are: United Automobile Insurance Company, Direct General Insurance Company, and MGA Insurance Company (also conducting business as GAINSCO). More on the methodology after the table.

Florida Farm Bureau General $548
United Services Automobile Association (available only to military) 658
USAA Casualty (available only to military) 766
Travelers Home And Marine 975
Depositors 1,001
GEICO 1,011
Government Employees Insurance Company 1,011
Liberty Mutual 1,098
Metropolitan Casualty 1,162
Safeco Insurance Company of Illinois 1,213
State Farm Mutual Automobile 1,304
Geico Indemnity Company 1,452
Allstate Fire And Casualty 1,543
Security National 1,566
MGA Insurance Company, Inc 1,583
Allstate 1,730
Progressive American 1,756
Progressive Select 1,883
Direct General 2,146
Allstate Indemnity Company 2,278
21st Century Centennial 2,485
Infinity Auto 3,175
Allstate Property & Casualty 3,565
United Automobile 3,871

Cost of Car Insurance by City


Average Cost of Car Insurance In Florida

The average cost of car insurance in Florida in our study is $996 per year, weighted across thirty urban areas by population. This figure reflects the higher weight of cities such as Miami, which has higher auto insurance costs and accounts for a third of the population in Florida.

Across the top cities, the average weighted cost of auto insurance for men is $1,044, while the average auto insurance for women is $948. In general, our survey found that men could expect to pay about 10% more than women, and that premium differences can range widely between insurers. For example, insurance quotes from GEICO actually cost more for women compared to men. Our study also found car insurance rates are lower by 9% for older drivers compared to the younger profiles in aggregate. The weighted average premium for our 50 year old profiles was $950 versus $1,042 for the 30 year old profiles. Progressive, however, quoted lower rates for younger drivers compared to older drivers.

Even at a high level, we see that premiums can differ quite widely from insurer to insurer, and driver to driver. The study’s results underscore the need for Florida residents to be more informed about the market average in order to avoid losing money from overpaying for insurance coverage. As a general rule of thumb, consumers should get at least three quotes from different auto insurance providers to make sure they’re getting the best bang for their buck. Enter your zip code to begin comparing auto insurance rates and policies from among 20 top U.S. insurers.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Florida

In our research we also looked at who has the cheapest car insurance premiums based on where they lived in Florida.


Gainesville, FL

Ranking #1 on our list for cheap car insurance in Florida is Gainesville, FL. Home to the University of Florida, the Florida Gators, and a resident population of 188,000, Gainesville ranks as the 17th largest urban area in Florida. The average cost of car insurance in Gainesville is $538 per year, or 46% cheaper than the weighted average premium paid in Florida. It has the cheapest rates for our male drivers: $596 for 30 year olds and $538 for 50 year olds. Rates for women are quite affordable as well, with the second lowest average quotes in our survey of $521 and $496, respectively.

Tallahassee, FL

The second cheapest city in Florida on our list is Tallahassee, FL, the capital of the Sunshine State. Residents in this city can spend on average $549 to buy car insurance, starting from $308 for a 30 year old female at Progressive at the low end to $916 for 30 year old male at Liberty Mutual. By living in Tallahassee, drivers would pay less than half of the insurance cost at more expensive cities on average.

Fort Walton Beach-Navarre-Wright, FL

A few dollars higher is the #3 cheap city on our list: the metropolitan area of Fort Walton Beach, Navarre, and Wright. This area, with a population of 192,000 and a number of beaches with white sands and aquamarine water, gets average auto insurance premiums of $552.

Leesburg-Eustis-Tavares, FL

$556 is the mean annual premium for drivers in the urban area of Leesburg, Eustis, and Tavares, the 4th cheapest urban area on our list. In addition to the miles of shoreline, these three Lake County cities also boast the lowest auto insurance rates for female drivers in our survey. Buying car insurance here would cost a 50 year old woman $484, and a 30 year old woman $445.

Panama City, FL

Rounding out the top five cheapest places for car insurance is Panama City on Florida’s Emerald Coast. Here, the average annual auto insurance quote for motorists is $567. On the lower end are GEICO’s rates for older adults of $338, and on the higher end, are Liberty Mutual rates of $836. The lowest premium data point in our study turned up in this city: $297 per year for 50 year old males, as quoted by GEICO.

Most Expensive Cities for Car Insurance in Florida


Miami, FL

The most expensive place for car insurance in Florida is the urbanized area of Miami, which consists of the Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Pampano Beach cities. The average annual premium here is $1,314. To give some context, owning a car in Miami can easily double a driver’s car insurance rates compared to other urbanized areas in Florida, such as the metro areas of Palm Coast metro or Sebring.

Jacksonville, FL

While Jacksonville is the fourth largest urban area in Florida, its auto insurance rates rank it as the 2nd most expensive city in the state. The average cost of insurance for vehicles in Jacksonville is $1,005. Jacksonville also has some of the greatest ranges in premium estimates for the same profile in our study. Premium quotes for 50 year old males can differ by $1,423 from insurer to insurer. Quotes for 30 year old males can vary by as much as $1,919, which underscores the need to compare car insurance quotes.

Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL

The urban area of Tampa and St. Petersburg takes the #3 spot on our list. The survey data shows average car insurance quotes in this urban area to be $988 across the four profiles. The cost of insuring a car here is largely under the $1,000 mark per year, with the exception of the 30 year old male profile.

Orlando, FL

Home to the Orlando Magic and Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Orlando is also the fourth most expensive city for car insurance in Florida. Residents of the city looking to purchase insurance for their vehicles pay on average $949 a year, from $782 for an older woman to $1,151 for a younger man.

Lakeland, FL

The city of Lakeland in Polk County completes the list of the top five most expensive places in Florida for auto insurance. It has an urban population of 263,000 and ranks 13th in size. At the fifth spot on our list, the average cost for car insurance in Lakeland, FL is $938.

Table: Average Annual Cost of Car Insurance in Florida

Rank Urbanized Area Annual Premium
1 Gainesville $538
2 Tallahassee 549
3 Fort Walton Beach-Navarre-Wright 552
4 Leesburg-Eustis-Tavares 556
5 Panama City 567
6 Lady Lake-The Villages 599
7 Ocala 607
8 Titusville 618
9 Homosassa Springs-Beverly Hills-Citrus Springs 632
10 St. Augustine 640
11 Palm Coast-Daytona Beach-Port Orange 662
12 Sebring-Avon Park 668
13 Palm Bay-Melbourne 688
14 Deltona 693
15 Bonita Springs 698
16 Sebastian-Vero Beach South-Florida Ridge 711
17 North Port-Port Charlotte 717
18 Winter Haven 726
19 Sarasota-Bradenton 727
20 Cape Coral 762
21 Spring Hill 779
22 Pensacola 782
23 Kissimmee 798
24 Zephyrhills 876
25 Port St. Lucie 907
26 Lakeland 938
27 Orlando 949
28 Tampa-St. Petersburg 988
29 Jacksonville 1,005
30 Miami 1,314


Quotes were obtained from GEICO, Liberty Mutual, and Progressive for the top thirty urban areas in Florida. Insurance policies were structured to include and exceed Florida’s minimum liability requirements: $10,000 for personal injury protection, $10,000 of property damage, and $10,000 for bodily injury liability per person (and $20,000 per accident). No supplemental coverages were added, such as comprehensive and collision coverage, uninsured motorist bodily liability, or rental car reimbursements. The only discounts incorporated into the policy quotes were for these standard safety features: anti-lock brakes, airbags, and automatic anti-theft measures.

Car insurance costs are based on four sample demographic profiles: a 50 year old female, a 50 year old male, a 30 year old female, and a 30 year old male. The fifty year olds are, but the sole drivers on their policy, while the 30 year old profiles are single. All drivers graduated from college with a Bachelor’s degree and have been employed for the last three years. Each profile drives a 2010 Honda Accord with annual mileage of for 12,000, and has had a clean record without any violations or accidents for the past five years.

Average premiums are for illustrative purposes, as individual quotes will differ based on driving history, vehicle type, and other factors.

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